Each hair has its own genetic characteristic, on which hair transplant surgery does not have any impact. Transplanted hair will grow until the end of life.

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Our hair transplant clinic provides modern natural hair transplant surgery. Dr Prandecki personally meets with every patient on their free consultation to evaluate discuss their hair current condition.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure where healthy areas of skin, hair, and their roots (micrografts) are transplanted from the back of the head to bald or balding areas of the scalp of the same person. One micrograft is about 1 mm square and include 1-3 hair follicles.

After the hair transplant the hair will continue to grow permanently because it is taken from an area where the hair roots were never programmed to fall out. The hair transplant micrografts always retain the same characteristic as it did prior to the transplant procedure. It will even turn grey as you age.

The stitches are covered by your hair and removed in ten days, usually leaving a thin scar line that is concealed by your own hair. (It is important to note that if you shave your hair in the donor area the scar line may show).

Hair transplant surgery is completely painless, done under local anesthetic. Hair transplant surgery session takes about 2-5 hours. Right after hair transplant surgery, the patient may go home.

During the first 1-3 days transplanted hair follicles grow into a new places. The new hair start growing about 3 month after the operation. A year after the surgery, transplanted hair should be 9 cm long (mean result is about 1 cm per month).

Hair transplant surgery is completely safe, all medical instruments are disposable or sterilized as in a hospital practice.

Hair transplant is performed in a female and male hair loss. It is also applied in hair loss caused by accident, irradiation or a skin burn.



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